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He’s the talk of the town and he is known for this unique productions gathered under a large panel of styles whether it be alone or alongside other artists. D-Frek, French Frenchcore artist spotted by the biggest names of the industry, has agreed to answer a few of our questions for an interview and tells us all about his secrets on his ascent into the Hard Music scene, from his debut to these days.   

First of all, thank you for your time and agreeing to do this interview. Could you introduce yourself for those who don’t know you quite yet?

Hello! Thanks for the invite. My name’s Jules, I’m 24 and I’m currently living in Paris. Fond of electronic music since I was a kid, I started producing in 2013 alongside my studies, and ever since then, I’ve never stopped. I’ve always loved it. I started playing in rave parties in Southern France in 2016 and the year after I got my first “real” bookings.

How did you dive into the world of music?

My father initiated me into this world at quite an early age. He’s the one who took me to my first concerts. Afterwards, I discovered Hard Music in 2009 through Defqon.1 compilations and I immediately got hooked to the craziness of it all.

Let’s have a look at your career. You started off with already iconic titles such as ComicBass or your Ilona remix, which are appraised for their “wild” aspect and you’ve come a long way ever since. What is it that you remember looking back?

I only keep very fond memories. I felt a lot of joy sharing this wild side of my personality through these projects.

You also played on the Place of Plunder stage at Dominator 2017, which was a stage dedicated to emerging artists. How did you live this moment?

At first, I was really psyched to have won the contest but once I got there, I got really nervous! It was one of my first big gig abroad and I was still a bit clumsy behind the decks. (laughs) However, it was an incredible experience overall.

You signed with many labels throughout your career (Le Bask Records, Hardcore France Records) including Dutch labels such as Peacock Records and Frenchcore Worldwide. How do you feel about this journey?

Looking back, I’m pretty proud of my career path and my evolution. I’ve met amazing people and I continue to thrive in this world. I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

You featured alongside Dr. Peacock, with titles such as Herr Mannelig or Ode To Madness for the latest releases, as well as other artists like JKLL or La Teigne. What do you make out these experiences?

I love working with other artists, it’s always interesting to get to know the other person’s point of view and see what it can bring to the track. I believe we all have to something to learn from others and I can only say that these were truly enriching experiences.

A word on your future projects? Perhaps some collab’ or a new album in sight?

I’m actually currently working on a solo title but also on collaborations with several artists (Broken Minds, Billx or Maissouille to name a few). All tracks are unique and different from one another, I couldn’t be more excited about their release.

How do you get by in this peculiar period and its impact on the party scene?

As sad as it is, I’ve grown used to it. Ever since last year, I’ve had a lot more free time for myself so I try to make the best out of it, stay active and produce new tracks on a regular basis.

Would you like to share a piece of advice for young producers who wish to make it?

I actually have a few!

First of all, I’d say perseverance and determination is the key to success.

Second of all, do not try to copy one specific artist or another: you must develop your own style and create music with your heart, that’s what will make your authenticity as an artist.

A final word for our readers?

Thank you for reading my interview and a huge thanks to Hardcore France for this opportunity! I’m really looking forward to partying together again! That being said, here is a link to my latest track.

Take good care of yourselves, see you soon!

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